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    Beginner Grow Basics



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    Beginner Grow Basics

    Mensagem por The_Hatter em Qui Out 16, 2014 9:58 pm

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    Today, there are many states with medical marijuana laws, and in more than half of those states patients and caregivers can now grow their own cannabis.
    In 2012, the US welcomed the advent of marijuana legalization for the recreational use in two states, and with it comes the real possibility for any adult to grow marijuana legally -- as well as the happy prospect that one day on the not so near future there will be many more states following in Colorado's and Washington's brave footsteps, leading to legal avenues for the masses to cultivate marijuana in their very own homes as readily as their would a tomato plant or apple tree.
    But this beautiful scenario comes with a lot of questions. Many casual smokers are now asking exactly how one might go about setting up a home garden in a quick and easy fashion. And because marijuana smokers tend to like a year-round supply, the questions on how to get growing at home often tend toward the indoor-garden variety. Luckily, growing cannabis is not any more difficult than growing tomatoes. In fact, growing cannabis can be quite easy, and the answer to nearly all concerns can be summed up in three little words: keep it simple.

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